Agile Methodology Applied at Scale is DevOps

Endertech helps developers be as agile with infrastructure as they are with software.

Leveraging our 15+ years of experience designing, developing, and supporting websites, apps, and software solutions, we provide our clients with flexible, fast, and reliable DevOps integration.

Endertech has been in the Software Development and IT Operations business for over a decade. That experience on both sides of the technical coin has allowed us the ability to learn the most efficient software development lifecycle approach for our clients.

Picking Up Where Agile Left Off

DevOps is not another buzzword fad. It’s an approach picking up where the Agile methodology left off. How many countless Agile workflows have “deployment” as a simple checkbox? Our experience involving both Development and IT Operations shows that deployments of complex applications are never a single checkbox process unless they’ve been purposely orchestrated with automated processes.

Traditionally development teams have passed software off to IT operations to deploy and maintain. However, this never made good sense. Why is IT operations responsible for software they didn’t originally develop?

Bringing the traditional silos of Development and IT Operations together DevOps (Dev + Ops) has reversed that trend. Endertech utilizes a DevOps approach to provide development teams with automated tools to be more involved, shifts the ownership of software features back into the hands of development, and frees up IT Operations.

At Endertech our IT Operations are now able to be more involved with development teams assisting with infrastructure architecture, scaling, tooling, and production maintenance.

Does your business have a need for DevOps? We’d love to hear more about your business and needs. Please contact us via one of the methods below so we can find out more to best help you.


“I had the distinct pleasure of working with Gabe and the EnderTech crew for over 4 years… They consistently delivered top quality work with clear, honest communication and were absolutely instrumental to the ongoing evolution and success of the product.” – Zack Avshalomov