Swell and Magento Power Customer Loyalty

Building on Magento Extensions to Increase Customer Loyalty

Building on the Client’s Background

Stronger. Faster. Healthier. [SFH] is the name of the company and a motto to live by. Endertech is proud to have partnered with SFH to help support healthy lifestyles. Our project with SFH focuses on building customer loyalty by combining the Magento platform with extensions from Swell Rewards and Aheadworks Store Locator.

SFH’s beginnings make for a captivating mini-series. It begins with a sports oriented family whose father’s background in biotechnology, “promotes” him to Family Nutritionist. This promotion occurred because of a challenge brought to him by his son, who had long competed in organized sports along with the entire family.

Established in 2010 with a defining purpose of Stronger Faster Healthier, SFH came to Endertech wanting to enhance their user’s experience. At the top of SFH’s checklist, they set out to achieve compounding sales growth, introduce a customer loyalty program and improve on a store-locator function that focuses on a premiere retail partner.


Building Customer Loyalty and Rewards through Swell Magento Integration

Building Customers with Swell

With the goal of increasing customers and building brand loyalty, SFH chose to create SFH Rewards. SFH Rewards is a loyalty program that allows customers to accumulate points which they can redeem for discounts on purchases.

You may be thinking, can a loyalty program help to increase my customer’s loyalty? The answer is probably. A rewards program that is properly set up can increase online sales, site registration, engagement, social media followers and more. These increases positively influence customer engagement throughout the purchasing process. 

Connecting and streamlining SFH Rewards for each customer involved configuring the Swell extension to integrate seamlessly into SFH’s Magento site. We had to keep top-of-mind that customer usability would be a primary factor in early adoption and initial growth of SFH Rewards. An online system that’s easy to use is more likely to increase your conversion rate.
Earn Points

Expanding on Extensions to Improve User Experience

The Look of Aheadworks’ Extension

When landing on the SFH website, you quickly learn the site is easy to follow; a key component to navigating and locating what’s important for every unique visitor. Enhancing this experience involved adding the capability to find and list locations of premier partner retailer, CVS. According to a September 2019 article published by Statista, more than half of all US organic searches are conducted on mobile devices. The same article indicated mobile devices are more likely conducting local search queries to their surrounding area. This being true, a useful locator tool is key.

Because the site is already operating on the Magento platform, Endertech developers were capable of modifying the Aheadworks Store Locator extension to add “CVS” to the “Store Type” drop-down list. This enables the store locator to identify CVS stores apart from non-CVS stores. A feature like this is valuable when a company wants to promote a business partner.
Store Locator

Setup for Success by Building on Extensions

For SFH, the result of these enhancements places the company in a position to grow customers and expand their brand. The newly built functions give SFH the capacity to learn current customer data and make informed decisions on strategy, product launch, and market trends.

In conclusion, you can leverage technologies like Swell Rewards and Aheadworks Store Locator with the Magento platform to expand your e-commerce site and promote customer loyalty. We understand the details of achieving this can seem daunting. This is why you may benefit from engaging with an experienced and capable technology partner, such as Endertech!

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