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Unlearning something is often harder than starting from scratch. That’s why the organization’s multiple website were re-built from the ground up.

The Problem: An Outdated Backend Architecture

The current website was unsalvageable, and the Alliance for Children’s Rights couldn’t make the most basic changes that would allow it to provide new information to users. Though temporary workarounds could solve several issues, they weren’t a long-term solution.

The Challenge: Rebuilding From the Ground Up

Because ACR’s site needed much more than the temporary adjustments made to the menu structure and sidebar widgets, the re-building had to start from scratch. Yet the end result had to be something that non-technical employees could control.

The Solution: Implementing a Cost-Effective, Modifiable Backend

Kids Alliance was sufficiently impressed by Endertech’s interim fix that it asked us to work on several of their domains, re-doing them from the ground up to avoid problems with the original coding. With a clean slate, Endertech implemented the kind of best practice-based development that would provide the greatest flexibility for future modification. That flexibility would save money, as well.

The Results: Simplified Content Management + Increased UI/UX

Each of the Alliance for Children’s Rights sites –,, and – is now easy to update by Alliance staff, easy to use by visitors, and always current with the latest information.