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1 Year In: Essentials for a New Software Developer


In my last article I talked about 3 key things I have learned as a junior developer: those keys were being open minded, learning every day, and becoming a part of the company. However, I always wondered at an early stage what essentials should I know?

3 Things I Learned as a Junior Web Developer


I would like to take you through my experience as a junior web developer. I have now been at Endertech for 11 exciting months. In this process, I have learned more than I have ever learned before. I’ll discuss 3 crucial tips that have helped me stay on top that may be beneficial for you.

What is an API and What Can it Do?

Brief article explaining the benefits of API development for your software project. Learning the basics of API integrations in order to develop a more powerful software. Better data and better functionality can be expected from API development projects.