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Ruben Pereida
Marketing Specialist

With all the website analytics tools out now, there is one we love to use at Endertech. Despite its name being based from a fruit, Lucky Orange is a website analytics tool that is extremely helpful because it offers many useful insights of a website that can help you optimize it for better conversion rates. We use Lucky Orange to analyze user behavior on the Endertech website. We accomplish this by digging through some key features that Lucky Orange offers. These are: live visitors, recordings, and heat maps. Let’s dig into what you can do with each of these features!

Live Visitors

The live visitors section is pretty self explanatory. This shows you the visitors who are currently on your website in real-time. Not only can you watch what they are doing on your site, you get to see different reporting metrics like time on page, time on site, # of visits, device, and more. One special thing about live visitors is that with Lucky Orange, you have the option of chatting with a live visitor! Lucky Orange integrates with your website and the chat feature gives you three ways you can chat with the user which are: ask to chat, available to chat, and auto invite.


It’s a good idea to analyze user behavior on your website by looking at how users navigate throughout the site. With recordings on lucky orange, you can see replays of previous sessions on your website! You get to see where people start and end on your website. The insights you get from analyzing these types of behaviors will let you discover parts of your website that should be fixed or optimized for the user. Like live visitors, recordings always displays different metrics as shown below. The great thing about this feature is that it is on automatic. You don’t need to keep reminding yourself to press a button to start the recordings. The recordings are set and all you have to do is keep looking back at the list of recordings to watch new ones.


This is probably the best feature of Lucky Orange because it shows you active areas of your website…which simply means it shows you areas of your website where people are taking action. The event types you can look at are clicks, moves, and scrolls. You simply insert the url of a page on your website that you want to analyze, and a map with different colored regions will pop up. The areas with red marks will show you the areas people click on the most, if you are looking at clicks. These heat maps can help you test different aspects of a website that you want to test. Maybe you want to add different call-to-action buttons in different areas of a website. You can use heatmaps to see which button is getting clicked on the most, thus eliminating assumptions.

Lucky Orange starts at a low price of $10 per month! The starter package is good for one site. You can upgrade to different packages based on how many sites you will use Lucky Orange for. We suggest using Lucky Orange in accordance with other analytic tools like Google Analytics. You get a deeper sense of what the overall user base is doing on your website, and you get to break it down even further with the features discussed on Lucky Orange. We have had a great experience with Lucky Orange and it’s a core tool that gets brought up during marketing meetings.

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