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Just since as recent as 2015, Google has made significant changes to its SEO algorithm with its formula now attaching much more weight to elements such as site security, mobile responsiveness, and site speed than was the case with its SEO formula earlier this decade.

Businesses have changed significantly since the 1950s, but the need to engage in effective marketing has not.  As people spend more time online for work and pleasure, business owners recognize the importance of digital marketing to create and keep customers.

In my professional experience here at Endertech and as digital designer in general, one of the most common questions I’ve heard from e-commerce clients is how to approach social media marketing. If you’re an owner or employee of a small to medium sized e-commerce site, then this article is for you.

The idea is important and the first step, but the actual execution of it has to be the next step. We can formulate opinions about different marketing ideas all day and assume different things as to why they probably will work or probably won’t work. The problem is, if you don’t try you won’t ever know!

The consumers’ attention has been shifting rapidly to places where there are no longer people in charge of what content gets shown. The internet is now the middleman.

We use Lucky Orange to analyze user behavior on the Endertech website. We accomplish this by digging through some key features that Lucky Orange offers. These are: live visitors, recordings, and heat maps.

Some store owners will ask how a blog can help their e-commerce website. On the surface, it is a commitment to write a blog and keep it current. But a blog can be a great tool to improve your SEO.