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A few of us at Endertech mixed it up recently… we took a morning off to go painting at a local park!

“Progressive Web App” (PWA) is a term coined around 2015 to describe websites that operate like native apps and meets a set of criteria for the functionality that the PWA takes advantage of.

We will use one Website. The site will have three Stores. The domain names will share one common base domain. The additional stores will use subdomains. Create three Virtual Hosts for these domains on your web server.

Last month, I wrote about a Photo Editing Program called Sketch. These are the the best plugins you need to know ASAP when starting out with Sketch, as they can dramatically improve your workflow and efficiency.

If someone was to ask a UI designer, what’s one of the most tedious parts of their workflow; I’d bet 9/10 times they’d say it’s the slicing, and exporting of assets. This process can get very time consuming, and meticulous when you have to export for different screen resolutions.