ADA Compliance


Be Accessible. Improve SEO.
And Reduce Risk Along the Way!

Reduce Risk While Doing the Right Thing

A growing roster of businesses have been snared by ADA lawsuits targeting websites. The goal of the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is removing barriers preventing a disabled person from accessing facilities, services, and benefits akin to a non-disabled person. While businesses have made physical adjustments such as installing wheelchair ramps, many still don’t realize their websites should also be aligned with the ADA.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3) has published standards for website accessibility that Endertech is well versed in.

How Endertech Helps

After delivering your free ADA website compliance audit, you can engage us as consultants to analyze your site’s code and construction in order to produce a remediation plan & estimate. Upon approval, our design and development team will set forth to achieve the accessibility standards defined by WCAG 2.1

We will re-run the website ADA compliance scan after we complete our work to demonstrate to you the improved results, and will advise your team what can be done to maintain your accessible site going forward.

Does ADA apply to small businesses?

Businesses such as Netflix and Beyonce’s media company have already faced ADA compliance lawsuits. The current administration’s decision to stop drafting rules for website ADA compliance leaves the marketplace vulnerable to a potential tidal wave of legal action. The best protection is good prevention. Request our ADA analysis today to identify the changes needed to make your website compliant. Avoid a potential lawsuit.

What are the benefits other than risk reduction?

Apart from the obviously time and cost involved with any legal action, an ADA compliant website that adheres to high accessibility standards is actually an improved marketing vehicle!

After all… remember, GoogleBot is blind too! GoogleBot can only see the text content of your pages… and so properly structured HTML, text descriptions of images… and proper page structure actually make Google search happy.

Endertech’s website ADA compliance process

1. FREE Scan & Report

Documenting Issues

We first run a ADA website compliance scan (WCAG 2.1) and deliver you an ADA website audit report that identifies any flaws in your site. We will follow up with you about next steps via phone or email.

2. Consultation

Planning & Estimation

If you are interested in proceeding to remediate the issues, you can engage Endertech to consult, analyze your site and produce a plan and estimate to get your website ADA compliant. We can target WCAG Level A, AA, or AAA. The cost for this phase will depend on the size of your site, the number of issues discovered, and the technologies your site is built with.

3. Development

Plans Ready, Time to Implement

With knowledge of your platform, access to its environment, a plan, estimate, and the ADA website compliance audit in hand, our developers will go to work improving your HTML code and related systems to achieve the desired level of ADA compliance.

4. Deployment & Support

We’re There for You

Our technical practices will ensure a smooth deployment with minimal, or no downtime. From there, we remain ready to support, whether through SEO, digital marketing support, or continuing enhancements to improve conversions on your site.

More Benefits Of Making Your Website ADA Compliant

Website ADA Compliance Increases Your Target Audience

Around 20% of the U.S. population has a disability. If your website is not ADA compliant. you are missing out on nearly 50 million potential customers. Many of them might be interested in your products or services, but won’t be able to navigate your website easily enough to buy anything or contact you. Instead, they will move on to your competitors.

Website ADA Compliance Improves Your SEO Efforts

Search engines crawl websites with human intention. If your website meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, it will appeal to users, search engines, and screen readers alike, improving your SEO endeavors.

Website ADA Compliance Help Your Reputation

An ADA compliant website can increase your target audience by millions. New customers will know how valuable they are to your business. If new customers tell friends and relatives how they found your website, more people will know you are ADA compliant. The fact you put effort into making sure everyone is included will set you apart.

Website ADA Compliance Means Better Website Usability

Creating an operable and navigable website that meets WCAG guidelines will benefit all users. Making your pages easier to comprehend will allow everyone to find what they’re looking for quickly. Your website will convert more leads across the board because users will trust they can always easily find the content they need.

Website ADA Compliance Helps You Avoid Penalties

ADA did not originally mention websites in 1990. But most businesses have a website now and they need to make it accessible to everyone. Dozens of brands have been hit with lawsuits for the lack of ADA compliant websites, brands including Fordham University, Foot Locker, Brooks Brothers and Kylie Jenner. All pages altered after January, 2018 are required to be at least grade A complaint so if you want to avoid penalties, it’s best to make the necessary changes to your website now.